September 29, 2023

3CX’s Latest Android Update

The most recent release of the 3CX Android app is available now on the Google Play Store. It includes new features for contact matching, a new […]
June 6, 2022

3CX: Android App Release

The official release of our Android App is now available for download from the Google Play store. It brings improvements to the user interface appearance, app […]
July 9, 2021

Benefits of the 3CX Mobile Apps!

Are you using your 3CX mobile apps? You should! These free applications, available on both iOS and Android, are full of ease of use features and […]
June 4, 2021

New 3CX Android Update Brings Better Bluetooth Integration

3CX is constantly innovating and updating their mobile apps to bring better call quality and features to their users. Check out this new update, focused on […]