Web Design

Utilize Web Design And SEO For Better Business

Your organization needs a real solution when it comes to your next website. Preferred IT Solutions offers your brand many services and benefits, allowing you to go beyond a simple business website – growing into something a lot more.

Preferred IT Solutions gives you everything you need to succeed online. Your business might do one billion in online review, or you might feel like it can. You will win new business with our expertise in:

  • Brand strategies
  • UX/UI Design
  • Mobile-friendly design process
  • SEO / SEM planning and implementation

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Website Design & SEO (a holistic approach)

We understand what a business needs in order to attract customers via an online presence. As a small business or medium business, what isn’t apparent is that there’s more to a website than just “design”.

  • Mobility and layout
  • Search engine friendly form
  • Ease of use and user experience
  • Ease of functionality across devices
  • Ability to create leads

Preferred IT Solutions also knows that having the best painted home, doesn’t necessarily mean that people want to visit. Your website is more than a look or a feel. It is a useful nucleus for everything in the brand. From finding new customers in the Pittsburgh area, to introducing yourself to the world, to generating leads, or just as a means of providing information, your website is more than a place.

Extending brand with real digital marketing solutions

Preferred IT Solutions has the ability to also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in a cost-effective way. SEO is a backbone that allows customers to be found. SEO encompasses both technical SEO and content-based SEO.

Our process for technical SEO involves examining your website from the ground up. Backend issues may include speed, mobile-usefulness, page errors and handling of structure and layout. Your structure, and how well that is built, allows for the non-technical SEO to grow.

For the non-technical SEO, our focus is on content and links. Google, itself, has stated that links (as well as link building) and building context (through content) gives the most relevance in search engine results. The process for creating growth in this aspect of SEO has us examine and inspect links and possible link targets for growing traffic and relevance. We also look at content and how that content is structured, linked, its makeup (text, images, videos) and more.

We extend our processes involving SEO even further by incorporating other digital marketing areas. These include social media, email marketing, link building and more. These platforms are all part of your brand, just in different forms – we want to keep your voice the same, on any platform.

We enable your brand to shine, to be found and to be a true resource of information and leads that will allow you to grow.

How do we use website design to make your Pittsburgh business shine?

Preferred IT Solutions has one main goal in website design for your business – we want you to shine in Pittsburgh, and around the world. Our end goal when we start a new relationship is to get your brand in front of as many of the right people as possible, while maintaining your voice and your values.

To meet those goals, we start by talking with you about your brand, your business goals and what you had in mind for a website. Our focus starts with your needs and how you want people outside of your company to see you.

We then build a custom solutions that gives you everything that you need (and more). Your goal may be to simply explain, but we help further that by proving your authority and you being an expert. Your goal might be simply to have more leads walking through the door, but we help further by creating real funnels through your website into those other channels. Your goal might simply be to have a voice, be we help further that by giving you a platform that echoes your brand across the globe.

Once we agree on a website design, and on the platform, we build. We build with a few things in mind:

The website must be mobile-friendly first. Everyone views the internet on PCs AND on their phones now. If it is difficult for a potential customer to see your brand, then you lose the sale. And what is worse, you may lose satellite customers from that one single visitor.

The website must excel in speed and loading. Because, as stated above, we live in a mobile world, your website needs to be fast and clean on load. Removing excessive amounts of files, editing bulky versions of images and media, and by using clean formatting of included files yields better speeds.

The website needs to be completed on time. The internet world moves fast – as fast as light most of the time. Your timeframe for owning and using your website is “ASAP”. Time is money, and receiving a website late means lost sales.

What tactics in Pittsburgh SEO does Preferred IT Solutions use for businesses?

For many local businesses, SEO might seem overwhelming. However, local SEO boils down to only a few items for your Pittsburgh business.

First, we start by addressing the region that your business is physically serving. When your content focuses on the region and local area, it allows a direct connection to be made between your business and the area. This indicates to search that local customers can use your local business to serve them.

Next, we focus on keywords and topics within your industry. Keywords are still an important part of search engine optimization. However, at Preferred IT Solutions, we focus on topical relevance and building context instead of keyword stuffing.

Finally, the way we put everything together is by using quality content. Copywriting and quality content gives search engines the food they need to love your website.

What else do we do for your website needs?

Landing page copywriting can give your offers more power. Not only can these pages be used for paid advertising, but can be used for cross-platform promotion in social media marketing and email marketing as well.

Link building allows for your website to be correctly found. When the right websites are linking to the right pages on your website, your strength in search grows. Knowing the difference between good and bad link building can be the different between page one on Google, and being blacklisted.

External content creation for linking allows for your words, your expertise and your authority to be established and built prior to a website visit. Coupled with link building, and landing page copy, your offers, products and services can be targeted for larger sales.

Technical SEO is the foundation for everything that your website does. Without strong technical SEO being built into your business website, Google will look at your brand as less and less over time. Technical SEO is the first and most foundational method of of getting search engine marketing results – plain and simple.