How Preferred IT Solutions SIP Phone Systems Can Save You Thousands Tomorrow (And In 2020)

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October 23, 2019
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How Preferred IT Solutions SIP Phone Systems Can Save You Thousands Tomorrow (And In 2020)

I had a piggy bank when I was younger. Truth be told, it was a Tootsie Roll tin coin bank.

Nothing was better than taking coins and filling it up. Then, rattling the change. Quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies, each with their own sound.

I loved it!

As I got older, that rattling went from coins, into the lovely foldability of bills!

I’m thinking, you might be similar?

As a business owner, I love finding those spots of ‘foldability’. I love finding them with inventory, project efficiency and definitely in the services and products I use in my day-to-day operations.

Saving money is making money in business.

And here’s the punchline to how your business can make more… Our phone system can save you thousands today, tomorrow and in 2020.


How does your company turn the rattling into folding?

With traditional phone services, your organization can see a lot of charges. And sometimes you can see what some may call “mystifying” when it comes to your local, regional, national and long-distance connections.

When you want simple, clear and easily understood pricing models, SIP Trunking is THE way to go. Your pricing isn’t clouded in riddles and unknown, crazy itemized charges that would drive a normal person mad.

Predictability is key. Guesses are gone.

What can you expect your monthly savings to be? In many cases a 50% reduction in your business phone system costs occurs. And, the best part is that those savings only go up from here.

The larger your call volumes, the more employees on your plan and the more endpoints added, all equate to a stronger savings amount on your monthly bill.


When can my company start to turn these SIP Trunk savings into reality?

Time is interesting in business.

Usually, we have to juggle between time, money and knowledge.

Changing phone systems can require a lot of capital, lots of new hardware, lots of time…


But what if you need an immediate return on your investment? What if you need that savings without that loss of capital?

SIP Trunking can give you a sexy bottom-line. Quite simply, in many cases, the costs of a business phone system, your current business phone system, can transition into a SIP Trunking system.

In many ways, you can see a cost-savings because your physical infrastructure and your hardware costs are gone. No kidding here. Adding phone lines to our system is simple and fast. Sometimes adding a line is as simple as adding a headset – sometimes, yes, that literally will happen.


Management costs are no longer the ridiculous hidden gems

The costs of keeping an in-house IT team can balloon fairly quickly. In fact, a portion of your budget likely could be used exclusively for your phone system.

But, why?

What if, instead of hiring a team (not a single IT hire, but a TEAM), you instead let us handle every part of your phone system as part of your expected charges? What if instead of worrying about a larger staff and more overhead, you were only worried about day-to-day business issues?

How “hands-off” can you be?

In some cases, SIP Trunking installation is simple. Upgrading is effortless. And system management can be done from anywhere, at any time.

Preferred IT Solutions can stay one step ahead of upgrades, maintenance and keeping the system online. We don’t need to keep an employee running in and out of your doors to keep your phone system going. Instead, we can let you focus on growing your business and getting things done.

Do you need to handle more phones? Do you need to handle new extensions, routing and adding phone lines on-demand, without the $100,000 a salary?

Yep… us, too.


Let’s summarize the real benefits of SIP Trunking and saving money

Our Preferred IT Solutions phone system allows you to transition your business into something that you have always wanted – a more affordable and sustainable bottom-line.

And, we aren’t talking about recouping your spending from this new system in a few years, but possibly during the installation. Your business can gain a more durable, simpler, easy to maintain phone system without ANY increases in your phone costs.

With a SIP Trunking phone system, you can also be anywhere. You are no longer tethered to a single phone, nor office space. You can grow as needed; and the punchline? The more you use, the higher your savings!

If you’re ready to get started saving money for your business phone system, give Preferred IT Solutions a call today. We can schedule a simple estimate and review of your current system and your needs. Your new system will save you time, money and allow you to do more business starting tomorrow.

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