6 Reasons Why SIP Trunking Makes Too Much Sense To Ignore

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December 12, 2019
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January 24, 2020
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6 Reasons Why SIP Trunking Makes Too Much Sense To Ignore

If you’re like me, you cannot pass up a gift.

Could you pass up two?

Today, I’m going to look at 6 gifts that updating your business phone system to a SIP Trunking system will provide you.

1 – Costs, and your bottom line

Cost savings are probably the most visible change when you move to a SIP phone system. Not only will you see consistent and clear charges, but you will notice your costs dropping as time goes on. In some cases, you may notice a drop of costs by 50% or more.

2 – You can be more mobile

Traditional phone systems can grow. However, they can only do this in the confines and context of the physical business location. SIP phone systems are a little different.

SIP phones actually can allow you to add phones within the building, city, state, country or even globally. Instead of being locked down to one physical access point, you can be anywhere in the world.

3 – Consolidation of your telecom equipment

If you have a normal phone plan, with phone plans for each customer, along with other business expenses, you will likely see multiplicative bills. When you start condensing services and hardware, your costs drop. SIP phone systems do not cure all of your business ills, but they can cure enough to see a better bottom line.

4 – Reliability is key

A system is no good if it only works half the time. In this current business environment, if your phone system works only 80% of the time, you might be missing out on thousands, if not millions.

Is that something you can afford?
SIP phone systems give you the benefit of redundancy, and global access.

5 – Easier management

SIP systems use simple portals and interfaces to allow for simple management of your phone system. Preferred IT Solutions doesn’t let you go alone either – but the option for you to feel completely in control comes first.

6 – Security

SIP phone systems allow you better security than normal phone systems. Encryption, logging, virus protection and DDoS protection all add up to a far more secure solution than traditional business phone systems.

Do you want a free gift?

Give Preferred IT Solutions a call today to see if your business is right for a SIP system. Security, mobility, flexibility and savings are waiting for you – call us today to learn how how we deliver the best at prices that fit any budget.


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