Proper Ways to Contact Preferred IT Solutions

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Proper Ways to Contact Preferred IT Solutions

Since we have brought on some newer customers, some may not know how to get a fast response from our staff here at Preferred IT. We have a number of ways our customers can reach us, but here are a few of the best ways to get a resolution to your issues fast!

1) Email our Service Email! All of our technicians view our service email during operating hours. If we cannot assist at that time, our technicians will let you know that they have seen the email and will get to it as soon as we can. Our service email is Please do not email our technicians directly, as we do not monitor those emails as much as the service box.

2) Submit a ticket using our Client Portal! Our tickets are also monitored by our technicians. By using our client portal to submit a ticket, you are directly sending a ticket to us so we can work on it at that time. Our client portal is

3) Call Us! This is one of the best ways to reach our technicians for help. It is rare we miss a call, and if we do, we call back as soon as we can. We make it our mission to help our customers as fast as possible. Our office number is 412-517-6777 and press 1 to reach our support.

No matter the issue you are experiencing, we are always happy to help assist our customers. We understand that having working computers, phones, and reliable Internet are important to our customers.