Improved Chat Control in 3CX Conferencing

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Improved Chat Control in 3CX Conferencing

Updated chat features, participants panel, and a new “Raised Hand” feature for iOS and Android apps. The new and improved virtual meeting space and chat management within the 3CX mobile apps is coming soon! Here’s what you can expect:

Chat Control and Notifications

Hosts and co-hosts can have greater control over the chat in their meetings. The new ability to enable and disable the chat as needed throughout the conference helps the hosts and co-hosts keep participants on topic. Clicking on the keyboard icon will lock and unlock the chat for all members in the meeting.

Screenshot of the Chat Control function in the latest 3CX Softphone

The Participants Panel

The participant panel incudes a new button that allows the hosts and co-hosts to lower or disable all raised hands in the meeting. Participants are also sorted alphabetically by their role in the meeting (Organizer, Co-Host, Presenter, Participant) like it appears in the Web Client.

Raised Hand Feature

Participants can now “raise” their hand to get the host or co-host’s attention. This can be very useful in the event of a question or poll.

Screenshot of the Participant Panel in the latest 3CX Softphone