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Google Tips and Tricks

With Google being the primary search engine for most users, finding what you are looking for can be hard at times. Here are some great tips for finding your searches easily.

Start with the basics

Start your search with a generic question. Sometimes this can help you find your results quickly. For example, “Where is the closest mall?” Google will pull based on your location to find malls in the area based on your search terms and local information.

If the generic question did not help you find the closest mall to you, you can add descriptive words to the search. For example, “mall Ross Park.” This search will then return the result of Ross Park Mall, Pittsburgh, PA.

Choose your words carefully

When you are trying to search for a specific site, try adding words that are likely to appear on the site. For example, instead of typing “my head hurts”, try searching “headache” for medical sites related to headaches.

Don’t worry about grammar

Spelling: Google uses a smart spell checker that uses common spellings of any given word, whether you spell it correctly or not.

Capitalization: Capitalization for words does not matter to Google. The search for pittsburgh post gazette is the same as Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Find quick answers

If you are trying to find something quick, like the weather or a calculator, you can search for Weather or Calculator. Google will use the same location information from the mall search to find you the local weather and has a calculator ready for use at any time!