Did you know you can use 3CX on your smartphone?

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September 28, 2020
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October 19, 2020
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Did you know you can use 3CX on your smartphone?

3CX is a very versatile phone platform, and a feature that lends to that is the ability to use it on smartphones! Check out this recent blog post from 3CX that goes over some of the new features and improvements they’ve added for iOS 14.

Apple’s latest version of their operating system, iOS 14, has now been released and so we’ve updated the 3CX app to resolve any compatibility issues. What’s more, we’ve made various fixes to improve overall performance of the app, made chat improvements and added a handy new Status update.

Get chatty with improved chat UI

The chat interface is now even more pleasing to use with easier photo and file sharing and a sleek, easy-on-the-eye look.

ios app update chat

More user-friendly contact search in status

We’ve added a Status indicator for extensions shown in the “Search” view in status, making it easier and more efficient to get in contact with the right person.

ios app update status

Streamlined startup wizard

We’ve cut out the less important customization steps of the startup wizard so that users can quickly and easily provision their extension and get started. It’s never been more simple!

ios app startup wizard

Other Fixes & Improvements

  • Resolved an issue with the tunnel not reconnecting after a pause in internet traffic.
  • Improved tunnel connectivity.
  • Resolved issue with conference search.
  • Fixed to show only local extensions in Forwarding Rules contact list
  • Tweaked conferencing features to not show contacts with an empty email/phone number when creating conferences.

Get the 3CX App for iOS now!

Head over to the app store to download the app and get started by checking out the iOS User Guide. Join the conversation in the 3CX Community Forum to let us know what you think.