6 Customer Service Complaints That Live Chat Can Solve

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October 26, 2020
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6 Customer Service Complaints That Live Chat Can Solve

You may have seen our post last week on how texting is coming to your 3CX system and wonder how that will benefit you or your business. Using the exciting new 3CX texting features, live chat has never been easier. Here’s a list of some common customer service complaints over from the folks at the 3CX Blog, and how live chat can alleviate them:

1. I Kept Getting Transferred To A Poorly Setup Auto Attendant

When properly implemented, auto attendants can help you offer personalized solutions to each customer, and the 3CX Call Flow Designer (CFD) is a good example of this.

But IVR-based customer support isn’t the magic button solution you think it is and there are many studies to show that bad IVR can be very harmful to your business.

The key has always been striking that balance between using automation and human interaction to increase customer satisfaction and that’s why live chat works.

Let’s face it: customers don’t enjoy speaking with automated chatbots dishing out canned responses. If someone feels the need to get on a call or create a support ticket, that’s enough to show an automated bot won’t cut it.

The 3CX live chat feature helps you provide real-time phone and chat support from a single interface, this means you can offer more humanity and even more automation without having to choose one over the other.

2. Response Times Were Always Very Long

Peak periods of the day can be hectic, peak seasons (if you run a seasonal business) are even worse. It’s very easy to get swarmed with all that online customer traffic without getting much done.

That’s because you’re probably getting emails, direct messages, and calls on different platforms. A live chat system helps you organize all that communication on one platform, making it easier for your support team to delegate effectively.

Customers don’t like to wait on hold, the good news is with live chat set up on your website, you don’t have to and even when you place them on hold, it won’t be for long.

3. Instructions On Calls Were Unclear

Any agent can jump on a call with a customer but not everyone can communicate in a way that acknowledges the customer’s pain points and maps out a strategy for addressing those complaints.

Sometimes, it has nothing to do with the customer service rep but everything to do with the mode of communication.

Trying to explain technical concepts over a call alone may not be ideal. On a live chat, you can send screenshots in real-time, and if that doesn’t work, you can get on a different channel during the chat to provide expediency to customers.

Switching conversation channels during a live chat can be useful when dealing with complex issues and with 3CX, the chat can be immediately elevated to a voice/video call to quickly exchange visual information.

4. Customer Service Agents Were Unprofessional

Service reps have to answer questions on the spot when on calls, so there’s not much time to provide a great answer. Yeah, it gets better with training and experience but if your call center agent has been taking calls all day, it can be difficult to stay professional all through.

Customer service burnout is a real thing and yes, one of its causes is your agents finding it difficult to keep up with all the customers’ problems.

Live chat makes it easier for the agent to digest all the issues raised and offer complete information that addresses all the complaints.

Body language cues are lost on calls but live chat gives your agents some time to read and come up with a helpful and professional response.

The emojis and other rich chat conversation features on the 3CX mobile apps can also help to add a personable touch to conversations.

5. I Had To Explain My Issue Repeatedly

This is a complaint that’s common if customers have to be connected with more qualified agents on a call, and it’s usually a terrible experience for them if they get transferred more than once.

Customers only have to explain their issue once on a live chat and if they have to be transferred to other agents, the chat logs can be easily accessed before moving forward with the conversation.

6. I Received A Template Response From A Novice Agent

You’d fail at delivering an excellent customer experience if you have agents sending out copy/pasted or templated answers on chats and calls.

Knowledgeable customers can spot a novice or uninformed agent after a few back-and-forths. Live chat makes it easier for agents to only jump on chats they can expertly handle, reducing the need for unnecessary transfers.